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 Finnish national cuisine Suomalainen kansalliskeittiö

Finnish food culture
Finland’s cuisine is built around fresh, natural ingredients gathered straight from the waters, fields and forests.Get to know the local ingredients and delicious dishes you simply can’t miss when visiting Finland.
Finns are known as leaders of research and innovation. But when it comes to food, they tend to favour tradition. Finnish cuisine differs from neighbouring Scandinavian countries because it has one foot on either side of its borders – Russia in the East and Sweden in the West.
Since day one, the Finnish diet has been built around surviving the harsh conditions of our northern climate. Growth seasons are dictated by the cold, meaning many local products are only available for a limited amount of time.
These days, you can buy just about anything your heart desires in Finland. But go local while you’re here, and you’ll be in for a treat!

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Sphere on Spiral Stairs
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Green Juices
Citrus Fruits
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Food and Drink
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Green Juices
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◆ヘルシンキのミシュラン星付きレストラン「Grön」 ご紹介


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【出典先】*フィンランドの伝統的なスープ「ロヒケイット(Lohikeitto)」 YouTube動画より

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